Perpetually Single?


I’m always deemed the perpetually single friend. I’m in my early 20′s and I have never even been on a date. I know that I may avoid relationship life because I am asexual, but regardless of that, I’ve never even been asked out. How can I tell my friends to stop trying to set me up without “coming out” to them as asexual? I’m not ready to discuss this part of my life with friends or family but I want the labels to stop! I’m not gay and I’m not a prude. I just don’t want a relationship. Any suggestions on how to get my friends to back down once and for all?

Category: Tags: asked September 27, 2015

2 Answers

If you don't want to discuss your sexuality, that's okay. Just tell them that you're not interested in having a relationship; that you feel like doing more important things than maintaining one. You need to be forward with them about it, or they won't stop. Make it clear to them that you want to be single, and that you'd really appreciate it if they back down on the set-ups.
Tell them that "I don't want a relationship". Show them you have control of your life, you can make your own decisions. I know they're probably worried, they just want their daughter to be happy with someone, but I think they don't realise how you really don't want to be involved with someone. Sit down with them and put your feelings out. Try to write a letter first, it helps with the track of the conversation you'll have with them