Paying for Prom?


At my high school, which totals to about 3 to 400 students, our junior class pays for and sets up prom every year. The seniors go free, as the junior class pays for them, while the juniors themselves have to pay for their own tickets. The year after, the juniors-turned-seniors can now go to prom for free. In order to raise money for prom, students begin saving up early using a number of fundraisers in order to pay for prom.

The biggest fundraiser is in sophomore year as a tailgate party for our homecoming football game. There are no other really big ones. Unfortunately, for my class, we had to cancel our tailgate party fundraiser as it was raining badly and have not saved up much money since. It costs several thousand (somwhere between five and six thousand, I believe) in total for us to set up prom.

We only have a few months left before prom, and we have next to nothing left in our junior account. Does anyone have any ways to save up a lot of money quickly? Obviously we don’t have a lot of time, and we aren’t allowed to sell food on campus. Any ideas?

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You could set up a donation thing or start offering basic services like your typical car washes. Our cheerleaders used to paint pawprints (we were the tigers) on sidewalks for pride and all that. That raised a lot of money.