Paranoia/Constant Fear


Hey guys.
I am just wondering, how do some of you deal with paranoia that “something” (not in general but a probability) bad will happen, or just living in constant fear?

asked November 30, 2014

3 Answers

Fear is a survival mechanism. Fear tells you to stay away from danger. Back then I used to have constant fears, then I realized that it's just me overreacting, since it's flashing warnings in my head when by hindsight there is no danger present at all. Then it just disappeared.If you're looking for advice, remember that everyone is wired differently; the same methods don't work for different people.
The best way I deal with it is taking a deep breathe and praying. I have to remind myself that everything is ok, and its all in my head.
Hi. I struggle to sleep at night and am constantly scared something bad will happen to me. I have strategies that I use such as controlling my breathing and trying to think positively, but everyone is different. Some strategies work best at certain times, such as the breathing being controlled helps more at night I think.