One White Lie Forever?


I stumbled through most of my life battling insecurities from being an ethnic minority, being a foreign adoptee, etc. No confidence, no friends…so I made up fake friends on the Internet, and fake boyfriends. I got attention, for the first time ever, and then it turned bad. What I did was wrong, and I ended up getting caught, a lot. I tricked a few friends into falling for a fake guy. I’m not even gay, and I did that. Why? What’s wrong with me? Am I going to Hell for this? I want to move on, I know what I did was absolutely wrong. How do you forgive yourself?

Category: Tags: asked January 29, 2014

2 Answers

Nothing is wrong with you. People have an infinite desire to be social but it's not always easy. So you created things that made you happy. What you did was normal in your state, you needed someone so you fabricated one. It was a cry for help not attention. We're here for you.
Eh, dude iz fiiine. It happens. I've been there. Believe me it's normal. I was very immature and young at that time. And you need to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone do things they cant undo. Say words they can't take back! You believe in Hell? GOOD. Cos then you believe in God. And sis, God always forgives if you ask for forgiveness. need to move on. Move on and start anew cos you can! Else your life's precious minutes would be drowned in regrets. Be who you are, Don't try impressing others. Love yourself and don't take things for granted. :) :) What you have cherish it :) You have a life. Make the most of it. Impress YOURSELF. ;) God will forgive you. Obviously. Apologize to those who have gotten hurt by all this. Apologizing is all there's that you can do. They accept it or not, that's not your concern