Ok.. So.. What? I am confused.


I hear it from MANY different people. “You are a great friend” “Awesome dude we love you”…
But when I am at school, no one seems to call me into their small groups to chat, or in class, or anywhere. I try to go in with them, but I just feel like I am out of place, because I don’t like to SHOW that I seek attention but I need some.
How can I fix this? I know these people don’t lie to me, because I overhear them talking good things about me. So idk. I am just lost on this.

Category: asked September 5, 2014

3 Answers

Towards the start of the school year, I felt the same. I simply talked to everyone and was spoken well of but I never seemed to be able to feel "in place". But as I socialized more, I met a few people who were really fun. So I simply started talking to them more, exchanging phone numbers, helping them out and whatnot. I started going to lunch with them as well. Soon, we formed our own friends group. Also, towards the end of last school year, I started talking to a guy with whom I didnt talk to very much. But as we talked more, I realized how amazing he was and how we had so much in common. Now we're like best friends.So yeah, I think talking to everyone and getting to know them is a good start. Once you know who you really enjoy being with, just try talking to the more and hanging out with them. Sit with them if you have classes together and just talk to them. Also, talk to people you havent really spoken to yet. Who knows, maybe they'll turn out to be the best friends you could make!
You might try forming your own group of friends. Is there anyone in particular you want to be friends with? Try texting or eating lunch with them. You might also look for people who do things alone- they might appreciate a friend. Friendship also grows over time. So if you begin talking to someone regularly, they'll start calling you over (and if they don't, there are always other people out there).
The reason why you feel as if you don't feel as if you fit in is because you were meant to be a LEADER!!!! So don't sweat it you'd in time the right people like yourself will come along and everything will be fine.