nowhere to go


My mum got a new job in Leeds, which meant that we all had to move.

Social anxiety made it so that school was always stressful, frustrating and depressing, but I at least had one friend there – despite us having almost no classes together. I was also in easy distance of meeting up with friends from my old school at weekends, which I’d been to for 11 years, but even that became harder to do as the anxiety and the new school drained me more and more.

I was there for two years and found out about our move from my mum while revising for exams. I wanted to be happy for her because she always complained about her job so much, but I couldn’t because the moment she told me, I just felt completely alienated. I understood that this was a good opportunity for her, so I tried to reason and ask if I could stay and live with my dad or something, but she snapped at me saying that there’s nothing I could do about it, that I’m moving as well because I would benefit too.
I carried on revising, which took my mind off it, but then when the exams ended and summer started it was all I could think about. I sat around, ate and watched TV shows on my laptop. I put on weight because my hip was injured and I couldn’t go running or even walk for 10 minutes without being in pain.I didn’t want to go out in public or even go to visit friends/family because I was so aware of how fat I felt, and I still am. My mum kept saying that when we moved, we would be better off and that we would get a nice house.
But when we finally moved, the house turned out to be awful. For the entire drive there I was wishing my mum would change her mind and turn around, but we didn’t. And we’re definitely not better off either. I have the attic room, which resembles the kind of room you would stereo-typically expect an abductor to hold someone hostage in. I also have no bed so I sleep on the floor. I realize that I’m luckier that those who don’t have any shelter, and I’m grateful that I do have shelter and warmth, but I feel like a tramp and that feeling follows me everywhere, I can’t shake it off and it’s affecting everything I do. We can’t redecorate yet because we’re only renting as our old house hasn’t been sold (but we don’t have the money anyway).
At the sixth form college I go to, everyone knows each other while I know no one in the entire city, so the group I hang around with is very loud and they’re all comfortable with each other. I like them, they’re funny people but we have completely different interests so I can’t ever add to conversations, and whenever I recognize the rare chances that I can, the social anxiety butts in and takes it away. I’m sure they’re starting to get bored of me because I never contribute. I keep taking days off school because I feel too fat and self-conscious, too hopeless and depressed and too tired. Not tired from lack of sleep, but too exhausted from having horrible thoughts and feeling constantly uncomfortable. All I can think about is losing weight. I keep restricting excessively for several days before falling back on a binge day, ending with a laxative or two. I can’t reach any of my friends face-to-face because I have no money and a return train ticket is £46. When I hear from them, most of the time I have to lie and say that ”everything’s good” because they tell about how things in their lives are getting better and more enjoyable. Because of that I rarely contact them anymore.

I’m so alone and can’t even talk to my family – we’re not the kind of family who talks about feelings and my mum is the type of person who believes that mental disorders are myths. She doesn’t think social anxiety is real, and I can’t talk about my eating problem with her either because when I was underweight before, she was always angry with how little I ate and threatened to take me to a doctor if I didn’t start eating more. So she kept telling me to eat, eat, eat, as if as soon as I had put on weight again there wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. I adopted the habit of restricting and bingeing, restricting and bingeing – until I am what I am now. Feeling fat, insecure and unhappy about everything. I want to be too skinny again and talk to familiar faces. It’s coming up to christmas and as usually the most festive person ever, for the first time I don’t care anymore. My eating problems seemed to have run a full cycle, landing me at the difficult square one again and my self-esteem and anxiety are getting worse.

If anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate the sharing x

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Thanks, and I know that starting new things will make me feel better, but the thing that's consuming me is the all-too-familiar "you're fat you're fat you're fat" that was screaming at me before, until I dropped below my bmi. I realize that from my question, there was a very clear fixation on the fact that I've moved - but my main point was that I'd put on weight. That's what's stopping me from going out and doing more things, which I really want to do but as soon as I step out side i want to cry and it feels like everyone is judging me for looking fat - i want to buy clothes but I can't because I feel too big to wear nice things and I now literally only have one pair of jeans which fit me. It makes me feel too ashamed to show myself in public, and the social anxiety just makes it worse, stopping me from making friends so that I end up feeling more alone tha I've ever been.
i gotta say you seem alot like me,im not from the school im in origionally i went fro being with one group of kids from grade two to grade ten to a bunch of complete strangers now im in grade twelve and i still feel like im the odd one out sometimes and it kind of stops me from making friends. most of the time i cant even walk pasta group of kids in the hall without having trouble breathing and feeling all tensed up from nerves. ive always kind of been a quiet person but now i really dont talk to a lot of people but then i realize sometimes that thats not gunnna change from not doing anything about it and keeping my mouth shut sometimes in order to be comfortable we need to leave our comfort zone. and dont get me wrong im not saying theres anything wrong with you at all its in fact quite the opposite you need to find the things that make you happy and embrace them because really when you are in a new environment with all new people the only thing you have sometimes is what you think about yourself, if you can find things that make you happy then do it. learn an instrument, draw,take up photography, or computer programming volunteer somewhere join a club things like that are all things that you could do to build your character. you have so much potential but you have to have integrity if you always kick yourself you will never feel any happier not to say that its your fault tho you cant help howyou feel but sometimes you just need to rise above it. Respect yourself for who you are and anything you may want to change then you can theres no one to stop you but if you want to stay the same then that also great to but whatas important is to just try tobe better than you were the day before and you will make progress and feel better.