No school for 1 year what should I do


The course that I wanted to take at nait collage in Alberta is filled up so I must wait a year I’m very confused and scared on what I should do. Should I just work fill them until next year and apply? Should I find part time courses to complete so they are out of the way, should I do more high school courses until next year? Very confused

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I am personally working until I go to college. there are pros and cons to consider. make sure you take a grain of salt to what I say. Pros: - You can save money by working - Get a little experience under your belt by getting a job related to what you would like to become -Taking a little volunteer time on your off days is good for college / future job resumes Cons: - You could get a taste for money and just throw college out the window - Getting back into the "School Groove" after a while away. kind of like the feeling of the first few weeks of school where you drag a bit after a long summer.I know a little website, it speaks to and form a man standpoint. but the knowledge isn't gender specific. Link: Luck to ya, KR343
Check this article, and the list of competences included in it:
If you spend a year waiting, it would be cool to pursue short educative experiences to punch out and acquire some of those skills, that will help you no matter what. Coding, getting a certification of some specific software skills, or even getting fluent in a second language. Maybe coupled with a basic part time job in the field your future degree is in, to see if you like it.
Or how about a work&travel arrangement: