No friends? No life?


Hey:) Well, this is getting to me. My friends have literally fallen apart. I only have 1 friend now.. Everyone seems to have such an amazing social life and I’m just here sitting in doing nothing fun. I only have one friend. I know I should be grateful to have at least one friend, but all I want is more real friends and to get out and have fun. . I hate this! x

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2 Answers

I know how you feel. I have some good friends, but they don't live close. I live in a city where its just not socially comfortable to make new acquaintances.But my Anonymous friend, you are not seeing the glory in front of you. Loneliness is not something to shy away from, for it is in these moments that you can best know yourself and take advantage of time. There will come a time when you miss the peace and quiet of tranquility, but cannot obtain it due to pressing matters regarding your many associates.Take this time to learn something new, create something, express the heart through art; anything! Merely take advantage of these days, for you can't retrace your steps in life, only reminisce and regret.Friends will come again, i assure you. Prepare for them by adding depth to your character, so that they may desire you in their own loneliness.
There's a quote that I think a lot about recently: The reason we are all so unhappy with ourselves is we are comparing everyone's highlight reels to our behind-the-scenes. Meaning, we only see what other people want us to see (especially online). Of course they look like they're having tons of fun and meeting hundreds of people. But in reality, they feel like you most days. People are more connected than we'd ever like to admit. So don't worry so much about what your life is like compared to others, because you'll never know what "other's" life is REALLY like.