No Feelings For Him Anymore? Help?


Have you ever been so into someone for the longest time, and then out of no where, you just completely lose all interest?
Okay, so I’m a senior in high school. Me and this guy, Nick, have been having a little side-thing for a while, like friends with benefits. And I was fine with just that. But after a while, I caught some feelings and all I could think about was us being together on a more serious sense. I got jealous whenever he talked to other girls ( I rarely get jealous), and I just really liked him.

Well, lately, He started talking about possibly dating, and has been treating me as If we already are together. And all of a sudden, now that I pretty much have everything that I’ve been wanting- I’m not interested.

How can I be totally head-over-heels for him one minute, and then just lose feelings for him entirely? Like, I don’t look forward to talking to him ever anymore, I get annoyed when he wants to hangout, don’t know what happened… I feel like he’s obsessed with me or something.

The point is, I don’t know what I should say to him. I wish we would have just kept things simple, no strings attached. Help?



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2 Answers

Sometimes you fall for someone you can't have. Now that you can have him, he doesn't seem interesting anymore. Now it all seems too easy and the 'fun' is out of it. Feelings can be complicated, one moment you can think you're in love and the next you think you're not. It's quite the change to go from friends with benefits to being together. I think you should be honest to him. Tell him how you feel about this and that you think it should have stayed the way it was. Who knows, maybe he has the same thoughts.
Sounds like you need to just be open and honest about how you feel. You don't necessarily have to say everything you just said here. Just gently let him know that you think it's time to put and end to things. You aren't really feeling it anymore, and not interested in dating. It isn't healthy to keep things going if you aren't into him. It'll just get complicated, stressful and ugly. Once you put an end to it and move on, you'll feel better. Then you can just focus on yourself and decide what you would like to do in the future.