No Emotional Connection with Family?


Just having the words “emotional connection” in the title of this question makes me cringe really badly. Everyone else I know always openly says things like “I love my mum” and they’ll make posts on Facebook about their mums on mother’s day, and give them hugs in public etc. but I just can’t do that, not with my mum or any other family member, because I purely just don’t want to.
I even feel really uncomfortable when other people do it – I’ll meet my friend in town and when her mum drops her off, they say “love you” to each other and hug, and it really surprises me.
It’s not like my family isn’t caring or anything, they like doing stuff like that too, but what I don’t understand is why I don’t want to do that stuff back. They haven’t done anything that should make me repulsed by the idea of making physical contact with them either, but yet, I’m repulsed.
I used to be fine with hugging when I was a lot younger, but what I can recall is how my whole life I’ve NEVER been able to to have a conversation with them about personal things which other kids will have with their parents. The thought of it makes me WANT to vomit, and vomiting is my worst fear. My sister is two yrs older than me and doesn’t like hugging either, but she can still have those types of conversations. When in comparison I actually hate having any conversation with my family. At first I thought it was just a part of growing up or something but everyone else my age seems really close to their family(although there is actually one girl I know who I think has the same/similar problem.)
Is this something to worry about?

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2 Answers

I feel pretty much the same, but I'm fairly estranged from my family and have been for many years. I love them I suppose, but I don't really like them that much. I never really felt like I belonged in my family. My mother is the most affectionate and it bugs me but I put up with it because it means something to her.
Honestly, I have the same EXACT problem, except when my father says "i love you" I casually say it back, not meaning it, just the words, but it makes me shiver afterwards. I would also like to know, is this something normal?