NHS Application?


So a few weeks ago I was invited to apply to the NHS, because I have a 4.1 GPA at school. But instead of being a good kid and writing the essay ASAP, I’m writing it at 10 PM on the last night before it’s due. I understand the things I need to include in the essay, such as GPA, classes, volunteer and sports stuff, but how am I supposed to start it off? This is really stressing me out because it’s super important that I’m accepted. Please help!!!

Tags: asked February 26, 2015

1 Answer

In the essay, the student needs to express and argue his point of view on a certain topic (event, work, actions of characters, etc.). Moreover, it is required not only to cover their thoughts in verbal form but to do it beautifully, in a literary language, without violating causal relationships, observing a single style, interesting for the reader. If an essay is written on a literary work, you need to know its contents well, navigate the author’s biography, etc. If this is an essay on history, you need to argue your opinion with historical facts, which also need to be first recognized and analyzed. Do you think I can find here https://paperap.com/chemistry-science-free-papers/ a writer who will write me a good essay for an inexpensive fee?