Nervous for a Doctor’s appointment?


The doctor I’ve had all my life (I’m 17) recently referred me to a gastroenterologist b/c he can’t figure out why I’m not going to the bathroom. I’m really nervous because I’ve never actually been to a specialist before and I am unsure of what to expect from them. It wasn’t until now that I would actually go to the doctors because in general, they give me a lot of anxiety. How can I combat being so nervous; I know they’re just here to help, but I feel like they won’t take me seriously because I’m a minor and they may pass off my issue as something simple.

Category: Tags: asked December 13, 2014

3 Answers

Feeling nervous is completely normal when you visit anyone you don't know, especially a doctor. Remember to take water with you to calm yourself down, take deep breaths, and always try to have a conversation him/her. Remember to be honest and open, you're right when you say they're just there to help(:
Hello! I understand how you feel about being nervous and anxious about switching doctors and such. I also get a lot of anxiety from going to the doctor's. However, you really have nothing to worry about. Try breathing deeply in and out, or even get a stress ball if you'd like. Like you said above, they're just there to help you, and they won't (most likely) brush off your problem, especially since it's a specialist. Stress balls in particular help me personally combat anxiety and nervousness, and I think it could help in your situation. Plus, they're pretty small, so you could really take it with you anywhere.
It's okay to feel nervous but we try our best to make it comfortable for you. :-) And we take our Patients seriously. We most of the time act calm because we have to . And if we won't. It won't help us to help you at our best. :-) just chill okay? We got this. :-)