Negative Assumptions?


I can’t help it. If I fear something, my mind automatically makes me think of the worst case scenario. I’ve learned how to think positively/rationally, but when it comes time to use it the most, it’s like I lost the ability to think good things. I fear the possible repercussions so badly, I’ve stalled on things I should have done months ago? Is there anything I can do? Anyone that I can talk to?

Category: Tags: asked September 28, 2013

3 Answers

distract yourself to not think about the bad things, think of the better resolutions, it may not be the best idea but just dont over think about this, if you just let it be and think of something else, read a book or something, that'd help a lot when that happens i tend to sleep it off or read a book or go on fb and have a chat just literally ANYTHING to keep my mind off of things again, if you need someone to talk to, i'm here
I do the same thing, even in good situations, What I try to do is think of the positive outcomes. If that doesnt work for me I will change my topic of thinking.
you need to distract yourself, at least that's what i do if you need someone to talk to i'm always here