Need some confidence, tell me your love stories?


Alright, so here’s my deal. There’s a guy I met back in December, went out with in January, had an amazing first date with him, then kinda panicked & pushed him away due to a long-standing fear of potentially getting in a bad relationship & tons of other drama going on at the same time. Well now, our schedules have worked out where I get to see him 3 times a week. I think he’s still interested in me, or at least could be. We’re at least friends, if nothing else. And I intend to ask him out to lunch after class on Tuesday and hopefully that goes as well as January did.

So basically, please tell me your love stories, particularly the ones that began with a lot of “does he/she like me” or moments where you thought you lost them & got them back again. I’d just like some evidence that situations like mine work out, cause honestly, I haven’t gone a day without thinking about him that I can remember since I met him, and I’ve always been the kinda girl to not really care if I ever dated anyone & lie to any guy who asked me out just so I wouldn’t have to deal with my relationship fear. But for some reason, when he asked if I had a boyfriend on day one I didn’t even try to lie, so maybe that’s a sign. So yeah. Bring me your adorable “how we met” stories so that maybe a couple years from now I can relay mine to someone :)

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I won't give you a love story of mine but instead something that i like to live my love life by. " In twenty years you will regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did." take the risk that this relationship will fail, that it will end in tears, that there will be drama. But don't think of that as the only possibility, imagine what else can happen. Imagine that this very person could be your soul mate. Imagine that you could spend the rest of your life with that person. Imagine everything that can happen. There is this thing called the butterfly effect and basically what it means is that every thing you do, big or small, you just changed a million opportunities for your future. you killed millions of things that could happen but you just opened millions of more opportunities. Take the risk i say. Taking that risk though, that's how i met the woman of my life.
Sooooo mine is kinda weird :) i met my guy online ...Okcupid to be exact..(i know soooo romantic) ..we talked over text n phone calls for awhile ....the only problem was he lived in GA and i lived in MS ...He drove 7 hours to have ONE date with me and we have been together ever since .I ended up moving to GA its been 3 years now and i couldn't be happier...He is my hero
Here's mine: My boyfriend and I met two years ago at school. It was at lunch and I randomly sat at a table with this new guy. There was this pervert that was talking about how sexy I look and I shrugged it off saying I wasn't because I hate getting compliments. This random guy looked at me and said, "You know what, you're beautiful okay?...but I have a girlfriend so yeah." At first I was shocked to hear that from someone so random but the second part kinda hurt me. I had a boyfriend at the time but the relationship was horrible. So I broke up with him shortly after. I started talking and becoming friends with this random guy and he said that he wanted to hang out. First time we hung out was on my brother's graduation day. We spent the party at my grandmothers house and he showed up. We ran to the park to hang out and I had to take my shoes off because they were high heels. My feet were hurting and he ended up picking me up and wouldn't put me down. I looked at him and asked him why he wouldn't put me down. He said, "Because I love holding're so beautiful." A few days later we hung out and he kisses me gently....and boom a week later he asked me to be his. We dated...for 3 days....sadly. And he had to break up because he had to move and he doesn't own a phone and doesn't have internet....but he told me just as he left, "I'll come back to you..I promise." Two years later here we are...he came back. He went to my mother and asked her permission to date me, then got on his knees and asked me to be his. Now we are happier than ever! We live together and he proposed to me a few months ago....
Ahhh that's how I hope this works out. I mean I don't want to put too much in to weird unexplainable feelings but I mean, there has to be some reason why I didn't immediately push him away like I have with everyone else. :)
@brooke That's fantastic. :)
Well I am married and dated my husband 10years before marriage. I have had a lot of good and hard times in our relationship. When we met at our workplace and we went out for the first time I felt the most comfortable I have ever felt with anyone. We talked and laughed the most I had ever on a first date. I came home and hoped he would call me back and wondered if he would. When I got the call back I was so exited and could not wait to see him again. I think if a relationship is meant to be it will be but it does take patience and love to make them work for a lifetime. I guess this is just advice but if you really care for him then go for it and see how it goes and if it does not work you can say you tried. Not knowing there will never be an answer good or bad. I think every relationship at some point if it is forever has ups and downs at some point. Just be happy and if you get into a long relationship with him talk about the things you would like in life and with him in it. Give it a shot and you may find your soul mate.