Need help with a poem for chemistry !


Hi everyone, so okay. Im in need of help for a poem about caffeine for chemistry …. It needs to be at least 12 lines long and have the following requirements,
– Name(obviously)
- Structure/arrangement of atoms
- Where is it found naturally/how it’s made
- What do we put it in?
- It’s function/what it does
- who uses it

Would seriously appreciate if anyone could help me !! Having a seriously hard time with this. Thank you in advance

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4 Answers

I can give you some examples of what and how to word things and the rest is up to you. Caffiene or C8H10N4O2 It's bittersweet It's like crystals It's a methylxanthine alkaloid If you feel addicted to me, ask for help. When you wanna find me, go to the seeds of the problem
thank you @KassidyLove
You are welcome :)
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