need boy advice!!


I like a boy called ben, I known him since I started high school. As a girl, i feel so scared to tell him how I feel, but he already knows but he said it calmly. He looks and smiles at me but I think he does that with other girls, but he gives me a look into my eyes. His blue eyes makes me attracted to him more but I like him for his personality. Once he touched my hand personally, but I don’t know if he likes me. We have things in common, hes a wwe fan like me and hes weird like me. I need some asap help!!!

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2 Answers

Ohh, gosh, youth xD your story is so interesting that its making me so... Yanno ;) Okai *cough cough* first of all ~ you shouldn't be scared of confessing to him, (i know you feel scared of being rejected and stuffs but you shouldn't be) It's also helpful if you create a bond with him first, like being his friend or stuff and get to know each other more... Since you have the sane interests why not :p cause you know they say, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" you might not know how he is, he can be a playboy, but back off to the negative thoughs for now ... And there's lots of ways to confess your love to someone, like a love letter or something.. (*//^//* I'm sorry i know i'm weird) but anyways, i'm rooting for you~ anything doesn't matter as long as you love him... That's all i can say for now~ i hope you the best of all xoxo
You need to be honest with him, yeah I know its weird. I gettttt it. Just ask, don't admit to you liking him, just ask how he feels about you. Or tell a friend to casually ask him. If you like someone, go for that person even if you're embarrassed. Cause if they actually like you, then they'll say something.