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need advice to get over my fear


I have a girl i really like right now.
When i was younger, i was molested but i believe i’ve fully healed from this. I haven’t tried to be with too many people. I was with a girl for 3 years and she did not like to be touched. at all. in all 3 years i didn’t see her naked or touch her in any way. Lack of experience is making me so insecure and i really want to move forward with this girl we’ve had sex but i haven’t contributed and i want to I’m just not sure how because I’m so insecure and nervous. any tips on how to get over this??

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5 Answers

The best way to overcome this is to talk with your partner. If they're understanding then they'll try to help you in every way possible.
I agree with the Lone Helper because ur partner is the person to help you out the most. Maybe there is somthing with ur partner that they have not yet shared. So talk to him/her.
I might have misunderstood but if you've had sex and you think you didn't contribute then she was on top? First of all you did, there's not much going on if the guy isn't contributing at all! Secondly, rather than make an issue of being the one in charge straight up, wait until you're at this point and have been for a few minutes, then flip the situation around. By then there's nothing to worry about and you'll quickly like being in control, she will like it too because you'll both do things a bit differently and that will make the whole thing more interesting.
just relax and be yourself. she already likes you. let her do the work. you will feel better if you just allow what's happening to happen and go with the flow.
The number one thing you can do in any relationship is talk it out with the other person. You will be with this person or not, and if you are it's between you two on what happens. They will be especially understanding if they are the right person to be with!