Need advice from someone experienced with Binge Eating


I’ve had Anorexia in the past, but now (after two years of convincing myself I’d “recovered” just because I’d put on weight,) I still have the same feeling of penetrating shame whenever I eat more than 500 calories a day. But since I moved to a new city, away from all my friends and with my family who I can’t stand (and feel major anxiety when I’m around them,) I’ve never felt more lonely. I comfort ate at first, then it escalated into binge eating. Though this isn’t the first time I’ve ever done this. When I was anorexic I had that binge eating subtype (I’d do this once a week while severely restricting the rest of the week) so I’m aware that this is an obvious source of comfort for me. Yet being a normal weight and binge eating again, I’ve just become more and more depressed since I’ve put on over 10lb. I have days where I restrict and then days when I binge. So instead of losing weight I’ve been maintaining it, at the most I’ve lost a couple of pounds – I don’t really know though, I haven’t weighed myself since November because I know I’ll cry. And I know that exercise helps, since I used to run every day despite being too thin, but I’ve had a problem with my hip and my knees for the past year which even the doctors can’t seem to diagnose. It hurts too much doing anything. If anyone is experienced with this, or better, has overcome bingeing, how can I redirect myself to other methods of coping and stop this bingeing?


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An important part of overcoming things is getting consistent help! You should find a friend who you can always call whenever you feel like binging. Try going on walks or drinking tea instead of binging. You could try meditating whenever you're getting the urge or just distracting yourself in any way - get into a new show that you can watch and paint your nails instead of going out of control like that. Try setting up a routine for eating - pick a time to eat. You could set up to have several snacks throughout the day or just section it into meals and try to stick to it each and every day to overcome your eat problems. Read a book, clean out your closet, take a shower, start dancing, write in a journal, scream into a pillow - anything you can think of to distract yourself if you need to!
Recovering is a challenging and long process. When I once battled binge eating, I found stability setting a routine for me, with specific times to eat to try to manage when I should eat. It is also very helpful to engage in healthy activities/hobbies, which will not only distract you but help recovery as well. Reach out for help always!