Need a guy’s advice on a tinder thing…


I’ve recently matched with a nice guy on tinder… He is different from the other ones especially since as he has still not mention any sexual request Or made any sexual comments.
After moving to whatsapp and texting for over a week, i finally told him that we should go for a drink and he is in… We made plan for this weekend.
However, on the next day, i noticed that he has disapeared/ unmatched me from his tinder list. We still talk on whatsapp, though we have both been quite busy in the last days.
So i am just wondering what does that mean and why do guys do that?
I dont care that he is still on there, but now i cant see his pictures anymore and i wonder if this could be the point or not?
Any opinion, idea on this is most welcome…
Please keep your judgement on tinder and on people using tinder for yourself.
Im here for answers, advises, not for being judged!
Thanks :)

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3 Answers

I'm not a guy, but I'll give you advice from third person p.o.v. Maybe it was something you said that scared him off? Or he's just not ready yet, and is still caught up in the world you two built for yourselves on Tinder. Maybe he is trying to distance himself from you so he can sort things out. In my opinion, meeting up in person when you've only known each other online is quite a big step for me. And maybe, just maybe, he doesn't trust you enough. Give it more time, get to know each other better. Then you can ask again, and before you know it, maybe he'll be the one asking to meet! But if you sense that something about him is dodgy recently, like the way he talks, his excuses for not being able to reply to you, stop talking to him. You never know, but he might be some 40 year old pedo around the corner. But at the send of the day, it's your choice really. Hope I've shed some light on the problem.G'day xxx
Mia a pedophile is interested in children. Im assuming that since them two got a drink together nokomis is over 21.I'd say he lost interest. But then again I wouldn't be able to tell you for certain as I don't know how the meeting go. Maybe he is just not that into you.
First I want to say that I have not used tinder myself,but I think I can offer general dating advice that might be of value to you.

You are rightfully wondering "what does that mean" and you have every right to be curious and concerned.

This might be anything really. Perhaps it is nothing bad, he might be shy, have anxiety issues, gotten "cold feet" at the last minute etc. These things happen to us men too. My best bet is that he suddenly goten afraid of the meeting and has cold feet.

It might be something not pleasant, but ultimately normal - such as him fnding a new girlfriend and not wanting to continue his relationship with you.

It might be something more suspicious.

Either way, I think the best option is to simply confront him about it. You still have contact on whatsapp, so use this and ask him openly what's going on. You have a right to get some answers from him. My advice is to calmly and politely, but firmly ask him about it. Do not accuse him of anything, but stress that this was important for you and that you would like to know if and why he wantas to cancel your RL meeting.