This might be a silly question..

I’m all for body positive attitudes and I was just wondering if you guys think it’s okay to take pictures of yourself like naked or in pretty underwear just as a kind of self-esteem boost.

I don’t mean sending nudes or things like that to other people I mean just keeping them for yourself so you can look at them and feel better about how you look.

Is this weird? Do other people do this?

Tags: asked June 30, 2014

8 Answers

First of all I like to think that nothing you do with your body is 'weird'. If taking pictures of you naked makes you feel good about yourself, go for it! If bathing in a tub of mustard makes you feel good - for god's sake go out and stock up your mustard supplies. No one here or anywhere has the right to tell you whether something you do with your body is 'weird' or not. It's your body, it's your decision. Personally, I think taking flattering pictures of yourself is always a great idea, and it really doesn't matter how many clothes you're wearing. What makes you happy is no one else's business, so yes, go and take as many pictures of you naked as you want :)
As long as it makes you feel good and harm nobody, i don't see a reason to stop. ^^
There is nothing wrong with it at all. :) It is neither weird nor bad, what you're doing is very positive and healthy!
I couldn't agree with cmbrbatch more! It's your life, do whatever it is that makes you feel happy! Nobody has to know about it if you think it's weird, but what constitutes weird anyway? It's the things that we don't do ourselves that make us think it's weird, that's all.
We all do weird things in private, things that we don't want other people to know - but as long as it doesn't harm anyone, including yourself, then go ahead! It's nobody's business but yours.
I think its normal to do that but be careful with them. I think you should download an app to lock you pictures on. I use "keep safe" from google play. It locks certain picture up for me with a password. Just make sure your password isn't the same has your lock screen password! I just don't want something happen and it end in people seeing your photos. Hope I could help!
Yeah girl!! I do it all the time! I like to compare myself over the years as well ;) i think its fun and it boosts my self esteem :) Xx
maybe you'll make someone happy.. I mean, for some minutes! ^^