My son is having nightmares and I’m not sure what to do


My son is 4 months old and has recently started having nightmares. He will be snoring peacefully and then he will start whimpering and scrunching up his face in his sleep and then after this has gone on for a few minutes he will wake up screaming. I pick him up and soothe him, whisper “I love you” and “it’s ok mommy’s got you” until he calms down and then I turn on soft music and cuddle with him til he goes back to sleep…only for it to start again an hour or so later…he’s so young, and this is my first child…I don’t know how to help him :’(

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I know you really want to comfort him and hold him until he's asleep again, trust me I have been there. You do need to soothe him but you have to set him back down after he's calm. I know this sounds brutal, he needs to learn to self soothe. I have a 3 year old who has woke screaming and crying every night of her life, repeatedly. She has bad dreams and also eczema. She would be itchy in her sleep, clawing and scratching. Now that she's older she tells me she has dreams of alligators biting her. I potty trained her extremely early and that did seem to slow down some of the waking, but obviously your sons too young for that. By holding him he will always need that comfort from you. He can become dependent on you for sleeping, you are essentially establishing yourself as his favorite "stuffed animal". You need to still talk to his pediatrician, he may be having issues with the formula or your milk. You can message me if you need to vent, support or have questions. I am a pro at not sleeping for the sake of my child, she still wakes every 2-3 hours and she actually takes medicine to sleep now.
It might be best if you talk to your family/local doctor about it, or if you have a parenting community center or something along those lines that you can visit, go there when you can since it's really bothering him. In the mean time, it may be useful to Google "parenting forum" or something similar and post in there. That way you can ask a place full of people who have experience similar and can give you some insight into what's going on. I hope this helps. Good luck.
You could try playing calming music or sounds in the bedroom while he is sleeping. I know of someone who played meditation cds to their baby to get them to sleep longer at night. Seemed to work a little bit. Other children just can't sleep with silence, put a fan on or something to create white noise. can be calming for some people. Good Luck
hey my little cousin used to do this too when he was at that age i used to sleep over just to help him get through the night play calming music not to loudly in his room and leave the light on or buy him a little night light if he wakes up crying don't pick him up just go into the room and sing him a nursery rhyme i can sing so this helped my cousin so i would sing him a song sweetly and softly while stroking his forehead give him his dummy and walk out slowly and see how it goes :) if it still continues i would visit you GP to find out what is going on :) hope all goes well :)