My Mom Hates White People?


My mother has never really liked white people in the first place (we’re not white) and well, due to some incidents she has become not really racist but quite hateful of whites and Im frustrated at that because it’s wrong. People are allowed to have preferences but she shouldn’t hate white people because of something that may cause pain to her. She often points out that ‘this person is stupid because they’re white’ or something or other, it’s annoying, frustrating and I want to understand and listen but I can’t. Any help?

Category: asked March 6, 2015

5 Answers

You won't be able to understand because there is a barrier between you and your mother and that barrier is your experiences. You've both grown up differently and gone through different things. Good people can be racist because they've gone through some awful situations, but they're focusing their anger on the wrong people. Hating an entire race and judging people for their skin colour is silly and I'm happy to hear that you know that. Your mother has to see it for herself, you telling her won't be enough. The things we experience first-hand are very powerful and can affect us deeply. So if you can find a way to let her experience how kind a white person can be, perhaps it may help? This doesn't always work though, sometimes people find all sorts of excuses no matter what to justify their beliefs. If that's the case then you can't do much. You can only explain to her your point of view. That's why I hate this game of an eye for an eye, racism just spreads more racism. Learn from this, see the faults in the way your mother is judging these people, and make sure you do not do the same.
Is there any way you could talk to her to explain to her that not all white people are evil and that this is a racist behavior ?
I agree with the last part of Mandy's comment. Find out why she hates Whites and prove her wrong little by little.
@smdx79 you sir, are disgusting. There is NO reason to be hateful towards any race. Those are not rights. If you wanna talk about rights, white people have TON more than other races. Sit down.

Unfortunately, theres nothing you can do about people and their ignorance. You should try to talk to your mother, or understand why she dislikes people of the white race. Good luck!
She has rights respect them