My girl friend and my mother


I’m currently in the most serious relationship (In my opinion) of my young life. I recently came out to my parents as a homosexual. It wasn’t hard since my older sister is also gay. Ive been in a relationship for about 3 months with a girl i view as one of my best friends and someone that is just very important to my life. We met at NYC pride last summer and have been talking ever since. We are both the same age of 16 years old. There is some problems that stand in my way.. I’m from New Jersey and my girlfriend goes to boarding school in Vermont so its quite the distance, I am okay with long distance but this break she is coming home for thanks giving in november. My mom hasn’t met her yet since i recently told them about her.. I really would want my girl friend to be able to stay over, and me be able to stay over her house vice versa just so i can spend time with her.. My mom is kinda strict and is okay with meeting her but how is the best possible way to ask my mom if she can stay over and ask if i can stay over her house for break. I just don’t know the right things to say and to ask.

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Well for one, I'm very happy you're proud of your sexuality. and it makes me happy your mom is accepting. But back to the point; I think you should just be straight up with her about it. I would first ask her to let your girlfriend stay over at YOUR house, because I bet she would feel more comfortable that way, and that way she gets to know her more. Also, just approach the subject; it's not like she can get mad at you, and the worst she could say is no. Just try and stay positive.