My Emotions Are So Out Of Check


I’m 16 going on 17 and I had wanted a girlfriend for so long. I ask out girls and they all never worked out. Finally last summer I met a girl by chance of fate and she was perfect for me. I had always talked about how if I got a girl I would treat her perfectly, so I lived up to that. Traveled every weekend to see her, 3hrs each way and gave her all of my love, affection and care. She stole my heart away and we both promised to always fight for our love and never leave. Just before new years she asked for a break due to her personal issues and her pain; she felt numb and alone. I tried for a month to get her back but she just pushed me away. Now I do what I can to make sure she is happy and ok from a distance. I am now with another girl who idolizes me and loves me so much, but I really loved my ex and cant get over her truly. It’s not fair to my current girlfriend because I cant give her my all, and not fair to me because I never got to have that talk with my ex to try and fix things; she would always avoid it because she didnt want the drama. Now Im in a weird place. Ik my ex cares for me but is so hurt, and my current is soo attached to me and Im not sure how I feel about her. It’s all so hard to control. Helppppp

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i would suggest leaving your girlfriend, even though it's tough for both you and her, but you're right: it isn't fair to her at all.about your ex, maybe you should consider if you're being too clingy? try giving her more space. Maybe because you try to help her so much, every time she thinks about you she thinks about her whole situation, which makes her sad. So just be sure that you are giving her what SHE wants and what SHE needs :)also, consider that maybe you want to be with both of them because you havn't had a girlfriend for long and you are afraid of being alone?Hope this helps
Hey. Does your current girlfriend know about your ex? As in what happened and all that? If she doesn't, tell her. She will either help you, or agree that you two should separate. As for the ex, try to tell her you need to talk things through. I don't know what kind of trouble she was going through, but maybe refer her onto here so she can talk with a stranger. It helps! If she is still completely cold to you, won't tell you anything, won't talk at all, you need to move on. She was your first love, and it will be really hard to forget her, but it really isn't fair to your current gf. It may seem completely off topic, but if you are trying to forget your ex by having another gf, try joining a club or a team. Some new (or old) friends will definitely help, and you will know when you're ready for another relationship.All the best etc.