My dad won’t stop calling me fat.


I’m 16. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 1 year and in that time I’ve put on give or take 10 pounds. I’m 5’6 and a size 3-4 or an XS to S in clothing. By my standards this is completely normal but every day my dad comments on my weight. It started off as something he’d only say once and a while then it turned to every day and now he comments on it every time I see him (anywhere from 2-5 times daily). Since I gained the 10 pounds I’ve fluctuated a little bit. Sometimes I loose all of the weight or 2-5 pounds. Sometimes I gain it back, but I’ve never gained more that 10 pounds from my starting point and I was extremely skinny before. Every time I eat a piece of fruit it’s, “Are you sure you should be eating all those carbs with those thighs?” or “You’re gonna blow up like a balloon.” He also constantly makes references to the weight of my best friend who has a medical condition preventing her from loosing weight. He says I’m going to end up like her and I have no excuse because I’m medically healthy. I barely leave my room anymore, what should I do?

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Your father is a bully and a dick. Your goal, your job, your mission is to turn off the sound of his voice in your head and ignore his existence, because if he is going out of his own way to be verbally abusive, then he is not worth your time or consideration.

Go to for vital information on recognizing, surviving, escaping, and ultimately preventing abusive relationships. Pass that website on t everyone you know; that is information that every human being should have.

If you have the option to go or move somewhere else, do it. The sooner you are away from his abuse, the better. Don't take anything he says seriously, he is deliberately trying to make you feel bad, that makes his opinion invalid. Yes, he is your father, and I know it hurts; he should be your biggest supporter, not your biggest abuser, but the reality is the reality. Tune the man out, and get out of that house as soon as you possibly can and never go back, and when you leave for good, don't be afraid to tell that abusive son-of-a-bitch off; remind him that it is ultimately up to you if he ever gets or gets to have anything to do with any grandchildren you may have.

Respect is earned, not mandated. Do not put up with that abuse, and do not let that verbal poison take root in your mind.
he's a judgmental asshole. you should call him an asshole.
Okay first of all, your dad is being so mean!!!!! >:V no one should ever comment on someone else's weight, or if they're eating/not eating, what food they're eating, nothing!!
Friend, just know that no matter what, all bodies are beautiful and it doesn't matter whether you have 1 meal a day or 4, just so long as you are being kind to yourself and are not forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do.
Friend, I think you should be truthful with your dad. He might not know the impact of what he is saying!! It might be just a joke to him!! So please tell him he is being very hurtful by commenting on your weight and on what you eat, and that he should stop. Because you and your friend don't deserve that ;-;
Just remember, both you and your friend are beautiful!!! No matter what it says on the scale, you are both hella fine and could undoubtedly rock a bikini, so just enjoy the finer things in life and don't listen to all that nasty stuff that harshes your good mood!!! Eat yummy things whenever you want, and make sure to pet at least 1 dog a day for maximum happiness thank you!!
I'd let him know about his age. "Oh dad, is that another grey hair I see there." "You know dad, I miss those conversations we used to have when you were all there mentally". :)

Seriously though, that is bullshit. Sometimes dad's don't realize the things they say to their children and that the children are hurting. So definitely communicate that to him. Let him know you don't feel loved when he says things like that. It is always best to talk things through.

Here's a quote to live by: "What other people think of me is none of my business."

However, it is your father, so... that is a tough one to overlook. But remember, your weight is not who you are. There is so much more to you that makes you YOU. There is so much that makes you amazing and unique! You are one of a kind! Surround yourself with people who treat you right and respect you. I wish you the best!
Avery is soo right! Don't listen to your dads negative comments. They're not wanted, nor needed.
Please listen to what Jonathan said. You are in NO WAY fat. Your father must be deluded to think that. Please also try to get out of that environment, staying with a relative, a friend, anything is better than staying there. (except for moving on the streets, that is a WHOLE LOT WORSE)
Well in all due respect kids shouldnt call their parents "assholes", but you can say the same thing using different vocabulary. Next time he says you're fat ask him why he thinks you're wearing an extra small shirt. Next time he asks if you should be eating a piece of fruit tell him that, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Yes you should be. Next time he comments on your friends weight tell him he should be old enough to Mind His Own Business. Phrases like these mean the same thing as "Shutup You Asshole".