My dad has cancer. Now what?


My dad was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I go to college an hour and a half away from home and not being home is tearing me up inside. We’re selling our house and my dad’s hours and salary are being cut. This is too much change for me to go through right now.

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2 Answers

I know what it's like to have someone close to you diagnosed with cancer. It was hard to fathom, really. Also I was across the US serving my country while he was going through the therapy. Just be there as much as you can for your dad as possible; whether it's a phone call, skype, text message. Visit as much as you can and show your support. Even little support can go a long way, I promise.This seems like a rough time for you and some family time may do some good. You can PM me if you'd like, I too can show a little bit of support. I hope nothing the best for you.
Life goes on. Keep breathing and be supportive, but do not lose sight of your priorities. Your father would want you to keep yourself together. It is much easier on is to see loved ones thriving than suffering, so live well and you will lift some of the worry from his shoulders.