My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend is being a total psychopath and i am scared that she will not stop!


My boyfriend and i have been together for a year now. He is a great guy and everything i could ask for. He has a 5 year old daughter from his ex girlfriend. They have been separated for 4 years. He has been honest to me about his daughter and everything else since day one. He and his ex were never married. The pregnancy was unplanned. After she had the child, they were together. But within a year she cheated on him with a colleague of hers (who by the way, is a married man). So my boyfriend comes to know about her cheating on him, he confronted the other guy who did admit that he cheated. So my boyfriend leaves her, she did not want to admit any of the things that she did because she has always been very concerned about her image and what people thinks about her. In last four years she has been trying to destroy my boyfriend’s life, she has pulled various stunts to pull him down every way possible. She has tried to brainwash his parents against him in his absence. She has used social media to write mean/false things about him. She has used the child as a tool over and over again to get an access to his house. She even harassed me verbally in public. She even turned up one night outside my house, i still don’t have an idea how she got to know where i lived. But she could not enter because of my dog.
Also, she showed up drunk one evening at my boyfriend’s work place.This has been going on for far too long and my boyfriend and we have been calm about it for all this time but now its getting out of hand, and we realize that she can get down to any standard to tear us down, even if she has to use her 5 y/o daughter she would, not because she wants him back but only because she wants him to be unhappy. Although my boyfriend and i love each other very much but this is affecting our relationship. He is willing to do anything to stop all of this for good but we don’t know what could stop her, because we have tried to talk to her but its like she is hell bent on getting us separated so she can see him lonely and miserable. I feel helpless. Is there anything legal/otherwise action that we can take against her? Please help!

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the woman seems to be unstable my best advice would be to get an restraining order against this woman as you see her as a potential threat to you and your boyfriend seeing how this woman is reacting i feel that she is not fit to take care of the child either she is setting a bad example for this kid also after all if she came drunk to your boyfriends office she might be doing others kinds of bad things at home in the presence of her child my advice get an restraining order and also try to get the custody of the child for her sake this woman seems unstable
The woman's obsessive behavior is more than sufficient for your boyfriend to obtain an order of protection and then appeal for parental rights of the child and to have parental rights stripped from the mother. She is an unstable individual and that child doesn't need to grow up around that.