My boyfriend is always busy ?


I have been together with my boyfriend for over 2 years but he is so busy type he has always something to do i told him many times that i feel he don’t have time for me and yesterday he called me and said that his friends was really upset because they was thinking he didin’t want to be friends with them because he never meets them and never talk to them and he said that he can’t get in no longer because he never has time for thing that people think he is just ignoring them but he is so busy with work and that he don’t want to live this way that it’s enough for him and such type of things and after that i felt like the true come out and i started to think if there is hope for our relationship
he never has time to take me out or something , we are always at home and he comes late at nights just to sleepover that’s the only time he actually has time
when this is bed time and in the morning his phone is ringing on and on and he needs to wake up early to fix all the things so this is how things look like ..
I don’t know what to do i feel i will be mean if i continue to be mad because he don’t have time to meet me or don’t call me so much , i don’t know what to do please help
This is importat because i really love this guy .

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Well if you love him then say with him. If he can't help that he's so busy maybe you should just wait until he's not so busy.. If you are able to keep waiting for him to take you to do something and you think it's worth it then wait. If I were you and I really loved the guy I would wait But if he doesn't want to be busy then why doesn't he try to find a different job or something. And if you aren't the only one getting mad then maybe you should talk to him about what's going on and how you feel.