My boyfriend has changed a lot..


I started dating this extremely nice, quiet, and funny boy in February. We’d known each other since maybe Grade 2, and he’s liked me ever since then. We’re now in July and I feel like he’s becoming too much to handle.. He always tells me things like, Don’t be such an asshole, stop doing (this), you should be nicer, say nicer things, etc.. But the only reason I sound like an asshole is because First off, I feel like he’s always attacking me. Even when we’re playing a game he gets mad. Mad because I accidentally didn’t heal or shield him, mad because I accidentally took a minion or a kill, mad because I didn’t get a kill, all sorts of stupid things- but thing is, he’s always mad at me. He always tells me he’s tired of my shit and tells me he’s going to leave(whether for the night or for real, I can never tell.) and it honestly is stupid and sad.

Why am I so worked up about this? Because around the first few months of dating, he and I were perfectly fine. Oh, we both died? “At least we died together!” Oh, I died? “I’m sorry, I couldn’t save you! I’ll die with you!” Oh, I got a kill or took his? “Good job!” Oh, I missed a skillshot? “No, it’s okay! You’re good!”.. And that’s why we never got mad at each other, because he never called me out on anything I did. Nowadays, I say, “Sorry,” and “I’m fucking retarded/stupid,” (usually “Sorry I’m fucking retarded/stupid”) more than I say, “I love you,”.. And it’s funny because when we’re in person, we’re both quiet and cuddle a lot. And we’re always smiling at each other.

I just don’t know what do to.. And I don’t know what I can do. Everyone told me to talk to him about it, but when I do, he just gets more mad and reminds me more of what I do instead of letting me talk about him for once.. Am I the only one doing wrong or something? I try to listen to his advice, but he just says too much about me and I can’t stand it.. I love him a lot. What am I supposed to do?

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Honey, if you can't talk to him and he's making you doubt yourself and that your the problem then you need to leave him. This relationship just isn't working and it seems like your the only one whose trying. I'm sorry I know you love him a lot but you deserve someone who's not immature and egotistical, someone who makes you happy. Good luck breakups get easier and I promise all the pain fades in time