My abusive dad won’t leave me alone?


I’m seventeen years old. I’ve recently disowned my dad which is something I’ve been considering doing since I was 14-15. Before you tell me I’m being dramatic and immature, let me tell you some of the things he’s done
1) Emotionally abused me my entire life, told me lies about my mum and stepdad which made me terrified of them, forced me to say I hate my siblings and shouting at me if I ever said anything nice about my family (I was about six at the time)
2) Refused to feed me for three days because he said I was too fat and only stopped because I had to go home (I’m a size 10)
3) Attacked my mum and his other ex wife because he’s a psychotic, abusive idiot who deserves no children.
4) Is doing exactly the same thing to his other 2 children who are aged 8 and 11 who he sees a lot of the time
I now live two hours drive away from him with my mum and stepdad and their other kids and I have a nice house, I attend a nice college and I have friends. My life is okay really. But he will not leave me alone! He constantly calls me, texts me, facebooks me, I don’t know how to block numbers on my phone and he just makes more facebook accounts and messages my friends and family asking them to get him in contact with me. He calls me spoilt, manipulative, poisonous whilst still trying to get me to talk to him. He told his ex wife he would “give me hell” when I came “crawling back” to him. He’s completely insane! He refuses mental help, the police and council won’t help because he hasn’t done anything violent towards me yet and I don’t know what to do!! It’s stressful and I just want him to leave me alone
Thanks if you actually took the time to read my boring complaining /:

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2 Answers

well essentially the best thing you can do right now is ignore him and keep him disowned. That doesn't mean you should disown him forever. If hes ready to help himself and try rebuild a relationship you should be open to that.
Update: tried contacting social services, he took off with my siblings and hid out with them for three days. Police then said he had "parental rights" and it wasn't a kidnapping and he basically got away with it. He knows I've reported him so I'm really scared now, he's taking most of it out on his ex wife, setting her car on fire and stuff. Police are doing nothing