my 10th & 11th grade report card are crap but 12th is actually good how much will it effect my futur


my 10th and 11th report cards are around 70% which is total crap cause 80-90% is considered good

so im trying to work hard this year into getting idleast 85% or maybe 90% if im lucky

but im afried that my grades from 10th & 11th are gonna effect me in the future when looking for a good university so will it?

did i screw up my chances to go to any collage i want for my previous bad marks?

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1 Answer

You might not be able to get into an honors program if your overall GPA isn't that high, but in general colleges look at the overall trend of your grades. They get your transcript from all 4 years of high school and look to see if your grades improved over time. I'm sure you'll be able to go to college, as long as your marks this year are good.