Moving in with my boyfriend?


I’ve been thinking lately about moving in with my boyfriend. He is moving away soon and I still have 2 years of high school. I have made plans to finish this year out and than go on to online school and live with him. I just don’t know if i’m making a good choice or not. Any advice or comments really help. Or your opinion.

Category: Tags: asked November 17, 2013

1 Answer

I'm 18 and I currently live with my boyfriend. If you are going to just letting you know it's a lot of work. Thank goodness him and I get along oddly because we balance each other out. Some say luck,but not everyone is lucky. I suggest if you are going to move, make sure you both absolutely are on the "same train" or at least heading to alike goals. Also prepare to get some bad vibes from people, friends, and family. Also school, not all online schools give you a diploma. I suggest go to a continuation school, they will still give you a diploma. I'm sure in the long run you might realize that you gave up a diploma that you only get once in your life for your boyfriend. Take care of yourself first. If you know all that I've said and still feel like moving then good luck to you. :) One more thing, make sure you both aren't in a fantasy and realize that you two may or may not be together forever. My boyfriend and I already have come to terms and it gives us grounded thoughts, which helps a lot.