Messed up with crush, what to do?


I did some things. Very bad things. I thought telling him to ‘man up’ and say quite mean things about him would make him jealous, and thought it was playful. I was WRONG. He practically hates me. We are in the same classes, and seems to be very touchy with other girls now. He calls them over right in my face saying ‘Babe over here’ and whatever. I just want him to stop. I just can’t ignore him anymore. And i’m sick of his stupid mini-games he’s trying to do. And, the worse thing is I still love him.

Back-up Story-
I rejected him before. I wasn’t ready for a relationship, especially in high school. He was willing to wait for me (and he has dated many girls before). But, I messed up when I was trying to figure out if he still loved me.

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2 Answers

oh.. its ok we r human nd bound to do crazy stupid stuff wen in love.. mebbe u shud apologise to him nd tell him hw u feel .. cos probably its best for these games and misunderstandings to end.. im sure he is hurting too nd mebbe he thinks u dont like i wud try to apologise and try to get to talk to him calmly. hope it helps..
It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes, but you can learn from this. He is probably just trying to get back at you for being mean/rude to him. Both of you will end up missing out if you don't talk about this. I agree with Alexpanda. You should definitely go up to him and ask to speak with him privately. Apologize for saying the things you did and then explain to him why you were acting that way. Tell him you want to be with him. Then the ball's in his court. He will either accept your apology and you guys can go from there OR he won't. But at least you'll have your answer and you can stop wondering. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck!