Meeting new people?


Hey everyonee
So my friend is going to introduce me to some new people.
The problem is that I am really introverted and there is always an awkward silence with people I dont know.I dont want them to think I dont like them or anything and I know that I am going to say something stupid and regret it after and think about it all day.
What should I doo?

Category: asked April 14, 2015

4 Answers

i feel you
be yourself...I feel that way a lot so i start out with asking about their music taste and favorite tv shows.... ask about things don't think to hard either ^_^
I always find it easier to talk to new people by making some light jokes and see if the person has anything in common with me, if they do then I direct the conversation to that topic. I hope this advice helps.
Oh thank you everyone..:)I will try to get all of your advice and hope everything goes ok..Im so nervous about it...