Meaning of life


It’s a trick question! That’s why people tend to answer ”I don’t know”.
I have been searching for a logical answer, and unfortunately i’ve found one.

Life has no meaning, what difference would it make IF life wouldn’t exist? No difference at all, no one would care. Most people tend to say here: ”i would care” you can’t care because you don’t exist, since there is no life. (hypothetical, obviously.)

Nothing really matters. What’s the defention of ”meaning” anyway? To serve a purpose, right? For example, the purpose of a toothbrush is to brush your teeth, the purpose of food is to eat in order to stay alive so we can reproduce, what’s the meaning, purpose of reproduction? To continue reproduction and evolution? For what greater good do we have to continue evolving and reproducing? There is no greater good that evolving, staying alive to reproduce, belongs to.

The fact there is life is just luck, just random carbon atoms that happend to be in the right circumstances to evolve and cling together into something that has the capability of what we call ”live”.

The chance for life to never have existed was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger than for it to exist, it’s random, rare and meaningless. You are vain if you don’t agree, but that’s just what i think, what do you think? This idea is making me depressed. Don’t start with God n stuff, man created God, God didn’t create man. I’m aware that I might be wrong, i’m only 17 so that makes me not nearly as wise as most people.

asked November 23, 2014

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Incorrect. Life matters because we exist. When we no longer exist, then we cease to matter, but while we live, we are consequential to each other and to ourselves. Therefore, the meaning of life is to give your own life meaning.. To search, learn, and find something to which we can dedicate ourselves.
42 :)But seriously, the meaning is whatever you want it to be. It's not set in stone. Everyone has their own path. It's flawed thinking to start wondering WHY you are alive you're already here. Might as well make the best of it. Be the best version of yourself you can be.
The meaning of life is to find a meaning. (edit: for yourself)

It'd be pretty meaningless if you just lived to eat, sleep and reproduce. You gotta find a purpose for yourself or a reason to live. The possibilities are limitless. Your choice.
I'm talking about life in general though, not the life we live, the same kind of life trees and birds live, the fact that you can breathe.
so, do you think the things you get to experience are worth nothing? Go ask a patient who is on the death bed why he still wants to live. He'll say, so that he can feel the air on his cheek again, swim in the ocean and talk with his friends like he used to...Small things like that make the world worth living. We have nothingness on one hand, before the universe came into existence and all this greatness on the other.
@blackholehead Exactly, if we didn't exist it wouldn't matter, that's pretty sad right?
@liss25 indeed, that's what i've been telling myself aswell, we might aswell make the best of it. Thanks everyone i do feel better!
Point of life is to experience things, and life is only worth a damn because it's so short. Like everyone else above me said, you have to make it worth something. If you don't think life matters, then you'll have a crappy life.
Life is the great rebellion on a cosmic scale.
The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy always increases - energy becomes less as it spreads throughout the universe, complicated things erode and break down into their simpler parts.
Life takes simple things and creates ever-greater complexity from them. Life imbues inanimate molecules with energy, and in turn provides energy for other life forms.
The idea of the eventual "heat death of the universe" is predicated upon entropy increasing to the point that there is no energy left. Life defies entropy. Life keeps the universe alive by rebelling.
We've come a long way from simple single-celled organisms. We still have a long way to go.
Trying to think about the big picture isn't easy. It's like trying to imagine what a single skin cell thinks of a music video... But skin is good, and the video is good. So life continues, so the universe continues.