masturbation addiction- feels horrible


I’ve been masturbating more often lately, and it just doesn’t feel good. It makes my heart race which honestly hurt, and i don’t even feel super aroused by the things i’m masturbating too. i feel like i just have to masturbate just because, and it’s starting to feel awful
I’m 20 years old and am past puberty, its just that ive been a little stressed from school but really it’s this issue of masturbating too much that stresses me out more.

I’m exploring fetishes, and not all of them are really making me feel good, they’re just excuses to masturbate more and more.

And really- sex has never really been my favorite part of my life. The things surrounding sex, the cuddling, romance and spending time with the girl i feel attracted to feel like the most fulfilling parts of my life, even if it’s a long distance relationship…..

Tags: asked September 28, 2014

3 Answers

There are a lot of things that could be fueling your addiction, but probably is that you are not focusing that energy towards something else. Try doing some activities: read, learn something new, do exercise, or whatever you like, but you need to start doing something else.Another thing that could be happening is that you are sad and you are trying to replace that feeling with the satisfaction of masturbating.The heart race is pretty normal when you are engage in a sexual activity, till the point it hurts... That is not normal, I would advice you to seek professional help.Have a nice day, I hope this was of help!
Lemon had a great answer! also, every addiction should be taken seriously. If this is seriously bothering you and causing you legitimate concern, perhaps you should seek out help with a mate you feel super close to, or a health care professional/psychologist! there are many reasons why this could be occuring, you're probably right with the stress. just try not to focus too much energy into it, and put that energy into something constructive, and that does make you feel good about yourself. you mentioned that you weren't hugely dependant on sex, however this may be something you feel differently about in the future and you don't want to potentially harm or damage your sexuality with an action thats stemming from negativity. my best advice, in short, would be to seek help if you're comfortable with that, or speak with one of the qualified therapists on here! good luck with everything and wish you the best with your schooling.
Try to do what Lemon said, and maybe put your energy to help other people, using your energy for selfless reasons instead of selfish reasons.