Lucid Dreaming


Does anyone have any really good tips for lucid dreaming? I have become aware that I am dreaming before, but I do not become aware very often and I usually wake up a few seconds after becoming aware. Any tips staying asleep once I become aware? Any tips for increasing my chances of becoming aware?

Category: asked May 13, 2014

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Lucid dreaming is very meh. I have been able to do it, but you have to have a strong mind to make sure you dont get to a "dark place."Honestly, all it involves is quite a bit of meditation. If you go to sleep thinking about apples, you will dream about apples.If you really want to do this, meditating before going to bed helps. Doesn't, honestly, matter what; just meditate.You will also take a while to get used to it, because lucid dreaming is not normal. The few times i have, you have to just accept whats going on, and deal with it. That can be really hard to do. Your subconscious wants to get things out.Only tips i can give, are to drink apple juice. It leads to weird dreams. And pay attention to everything. Once your okay with having 6 fingers on one hand, and not being freaked out, you can mess around.Just my personal experiences...tread lightly...dreams are powerful.
I've been Lucid dreaming since i was a kid. For a little while i didn't understand what was happening and i would wake up a few moments into realizing that i had my wits about me in the zzZ. After a while though i learned that it helps looking down at your hands or your feet when you're in a lucid dream. It gives you a point of subjective perspective. Now i can just about will myself to become self aware while im asleep. Though by experience i suggest once you wake up in a dream - Pay attention to your surroundings; temperature, sounds, smells, texture... and GO TALK TO PEOPLE! You'll be surprised how realistic things can get. The Next Step after A lucid dream is a gnarly one... Oh yes, The level of lucidity and awareness continues down a pretty remarkable rabbit hole. God speed with the exploration my friend and keep your wits about you!
I used to have nightmares when I was a kid, and my parents would tell me to go back to bed and change the ending of the dream; I don't know if it's a result of this, but for many years now all my dreams have been lucid.
But if this is an obsession of yours, allow me to help you fall further into it. This link may help you travel into your subconsciousnes.
Usually if I want to lucid dream (or just have extremely interesting dreams) I drink alot of juice before going to sleep. It just seems to work for me. Lucid dreams can be fun, but they can be horrible. Usually when I become aware I'm dreaming I think "I'm dreaming, something bad will probably happen" and then someone comes after me and I can't wake up no matter how hard I try, and I can't make anything good happen no matter how hard I concentrate.You could always try binaural beats, they channel your brain waves, like medidation. I listen to them while studying because it helps me concentrate, haven't tried the lucid dreaming one though. Be careful -they can be pretty powerful.
Be aware of yourself. Be aware of your interests and PLEASE be aware of your fears. Lucid dreaming can be very realistic and can be dangerous. I am a lucid dreamer and have suffered actual physical health problems from it. Lucid dreaming is the state in which your body does not fall into complete unconsciousness. If you do not want this, see a sleep specialist and they will help you fall into a deeper sleep. However if you do, keep your mind clear before you fall asleep. Do not force any thought. DO NOT try to concentrate on what you want to dream about. It will only backfire. As soon as you awaken try to recall every detail you can about the dream. Even the little ones. Keep a dream journal. Take naps. Practice sleeping! You will learn to control your dreams. Never second guess yourself, always be aware. Awareness is key. Good luck and have fun, but remember to be careful! xx
Lucid dreaming is a bad idea. Forget about it.