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I have a this idea of opening up an exotic pet shop and possibly becoming a herpetologist. But I get discouraged reading others experiences online. How difficult it is to get noticed and how it’s very unlikely I can be successful. I spend hours on the web searching for advice or some motivation to make this somehow happen but I haven’t found anything. Or some successful peoples stories of how they made it. Sorry if this seems a bit silly but it’s pretty much all I can picture myself doing that’ll make me happy.

So my question is, have any of you had this idea/dream of what you wanted to do? If so, did you and how did you make it happen?

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2 Answers

My dream was to be an actress for our local theatre. With a little hope, help and support from my family and friends, I made my dream come true. If you truly want it, go for it! There's no one holding you back except yourself!
Hey! I see what your problem is. I know someone who opened a small furniture shop with the most sincere hope that it would last, and it did. It grew a lot, and this person is extremely happy with the work she has put into it and with the outcomes.
I think the main key to her success was the effort. Nothing bad can come out of working hard on something you want to achieve: even if things don't go as planned, experience and satisfaction are two precious things to keep and use as inspiration to pursue more and more dreams.
Professionalism, dedication and hard work will take you so far. I personally believe an exotic pet shop is a fantastic idea. Nice presentation will assure you attention, exotic animals will keep clients. Keep trying your best!