Long Distance Love


I have had and on-and-off “thing” with this boy for a long time, lets say his name is Devin. Since we met, one of us has always been in a relationship. Now, neither of us are but we are both skeptical because long-distance love, we have heard, doesn’t really work. I love him, and I wouldn’t care that I get to see him only once or twice a year, I just want to know if anyone out there has any idea if this should be worth it or not.

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2 Answers

Communication is really important. If you two love each other, then you can make it work, regardless of distance. In the end it's up to you two.
Long Distance can work and has worked. Communication is a huge part of an LDR, and any relationship. What could make an LDR seem more worth it is to think about it in the sense that being away from one another is not a permanent thing. So i'd say go for it if you really do like this person