Long Distance Love Should I Just Let Go ?


My daughter’s father is in Dominican Republic and he cant travel we’ve been together for over 4 years and we have a one year old princess, But in 2013 i came back to NY and i dont see him very often, We got married a month ago when i was there so i can bring him to USA should i just let go or keep trying I love Him but its just so hard :’(

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3 Answers

Before rushing through a life-long decision, try to maintain your calm and understand that you alone are capable to educate, protect and love your child. Watch the circumstances, how you feel and what you can do about it. Then, discuss with your husband to find a new way to move on.
real love conquers everything! if you think it's true love you have to go for it. If you don't think it's meant to be you should let him go. don't fool yourself, accept your feelings end do what is best for you and your babygirl..
I agree with shartjec. You have to be honest with yourself of how you feel towards him. It's been 4 years, and nothing has changed. I think you have to realize that even now that you are married, chances are that nothing is gonna change. I really hope that it will, but reality says otherwise.Your daughter doesn't need this. She doesn't need a father in another part of the world, she needs him to be there for her so she can actually grow up with a father figure.Now that you are married, maybe you should just try and convince him to come to the USA, but if he says otherwise ... Maybe it's not meant to be and you might need to let him go. I hope my advice helped you.