Does anyone else just feel lonely all the time? regardless of circumstance? How do you get out of it?

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1 Answer

don't try to get out of being lonely, as its not something you dictate. you can't choose loneliness, at least not in most cases. its not unlike love in many ways in the sense that you when feel it, you can't accept or reject it, as its already there, so you must accept and make the best of it. do not assume that loneliness is linked to sorrow or despair. loneliness is an opportunity to get to know yourself, ideas, and your environment without the influence or distractions of others. take it as a peace of mind, solitude, and not a detriment to your spirit.

I often feel loneliness, but having also known what its like to not have an opportunity to feel it due to being pulled a million directions, i accept it when it comes.