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Hi, first of all i’m spanish so i’ll try to explain myself well.
I dont know if I need this, or if im sad or if i need help, but i wanted to write it all down and just let others judge it, i dont trust anyone close to me that much to tell them this.
Since a few years ago, im 17 now, i have a lot of ups and downs, but I dont know where all the downs come from, i mean, i just cry in my bed some nights, i obviously have reasons sometimes, but they are the common teen problems.
I just hate how this world is, i think all people are sick (mind) including me, i hate how the world works, meaning, we only live to work everyday and die, happiness is very difficult to reach, or impossible. Its impossible to be happy and dont be upset about anything, are we really here to born, suffer and die? I dont know what to do with my life.
1 year ago, I met someone who thinks the same as me, when we meet, we talk about how shitty the world is, and how we both want to live together in the woods, far from the city and the people. I really hope that we do, but I know thats not how its going to be, im just gonna keep studying and suffering for the rest of my life.

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First of all, hola :) I'm portuguese, nice to meet someone who lives right next to me haha. But now in a serious tone: The thing is life isn't easy. Life is shitty sometimes. However the real deal here is how you LOOK at life itself. And if you talk to other sick person, it won't make you feel better cause they have the same perspective. You're only 17, you have alooooooooot to live still, alot new people to meet, awesome places to go, alot to experience. Your life isn't just this. Things do get better :) And if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm right here for you.
"Its impossible to be happy and dont be upset about anything, are we really here to born, suffer and die?"

It's impossible to be just happy and it's impossible to be just sad all the time. You cannot have 100% positive emotion, and you can't have 100% negative emotion. If you think you do have 100% negative emotion it's because the negative energy is telling you that. Having 100% of positive or negative energy will actually kill you. I highly recommend you read this book called, "The Present" that goes way more into detail about this (