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hey. ive been struggling with some stuff lately. questioning if i might be bisexual instead of lesbian. just now i tried to talk about it in the vent/listen chat and i got one person calling me a troll and another person who didn’t know how to talk to me about it.
please invite me to some lgbt groups. ones for lesbian and bi women specifically would also be really good. i just need someone to talk to.
please don’t comment if you think i’m a troll. i don’t need this right now.

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please help me with this if you can. it feels like there's no one to talk to.
Hi, I had the same problem as you until I talked to my friends and professionals who had experienced the same things. I suggest you to download an app called LGBT+ Amino, You could make very good friends right there! It's a really safe place and has group public chats, like Facebook you can post things, ask questions, make polls etc.I hope it's helpful enough :)
Hey! Don't let the other people bring you down. Unfortunately, I'm straight and I don't have a lot of experience, but I'm happy for you that you've made a decision about who you are. It's great! There's also many LGBTQ groups in other social medias such as facebook, instagram, etc. There will be experienced people out there who understands you and can give you good advice about what steps to take. If you ever feel confused or stressed and need somebody to talk to, direct message me. I'll be there to listen :)