LDR: Girl’s mom threatening to call the police?


I’m in a long-distance relationship and I have met my girlfriend and her family and have visited them all multiple times over the past year.

Her mom used to love me, but now she hates me and is threatening to call the police if I continue talking to her daughter. She’s already taken her phone (that I bought and pay for) and her laptop away so we can’t make contact. Luckily, my girlfriend has used her iPod to Skype with me when her mom wasn’t around, but now her mom found out that she’s been doing it.

So anyway, her mom is threatening to call her local police department on me for “harassment”, even though I’ve only talked to my girlfriend and I’ve sent a couple texts to her mom (begging her to let me talk to her again).

I’ve tried calling their sheriff’s office, but they just transferred me to a “report something” kinda call (asking for address and stuff, which I don’t want to give), so I came up with nothing.

I’m 20 and my girlfriend is 17. I know her being a minor can affect things, but the fact that I’m not actually doing anything wrong (threatening, abusing, hurting, or doing anything like that), I don’t see there being anything her mom could use against me.

Am I right? Or can she call the cops on me and get me in trouble JUST because I’m talking to my girlfriend without her mom’s permission?

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3 Answers

As long as you've only been (video) chatting and there is no proof otherwise, technically calling the police won't do anything whatsoever. The police get loads of vague reports with no evidence to support them, and since you've never done anything against the law, the only reason for them to take your girlfriend's mom seriously is if she lies, and if they look into it there will be no evidence to suggest that you've harassed either of them so you should be in the clear. However, it could be bothersome, and if her claims are bad enough, it could easily become really uncomfortable for you and possibly your girlfriend too. If for some reason she convinces your girlfriend to call it harassment too, you could be in some trouble even with no real evidence.If you keep up the contact, I suggest doing your very best to keep a copy of all texts and conversations with her as potential evidence for your innocence. I know this can sound a bit extreme, but the worst that could happen is you won't need it =]
"asking for address and stuff, which I don’t want to give" I think this line gives a creepy light to this situation. It should be in your best interest for the police to have an idea of how things are, if everything is ok as you say.
@Searinox: Thanks for your input. This is kind of what I was thinking, but I love second opinions. Her mom IS a compulsive liar, but I am 99% sure my girlfriend wouldn't turn on me. I'm definitely keeping all the texts and Skype [email protected]: I don't want to get the police involved if the mom isn't going to get them involved. At this point, she's just making stupid threats. I'd rather keep things between us if possible.