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I hate my family, and socializing with all of them. I sit in my room for hours alone. All I do I cry, self-harm, and contemplate suicide. I don’t want to die.. Someone please give me advice..

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hey i know how you feel contact me, garth, we can talk about it
You need to get help, you don't have to go through all this stuff alone. I know it can be very painful and then it seems like no one out there cares to help, but there are actually many people who can and care to help. You just need to find them. At this level of distress, I recommend you see a therapist. Also, don't keep your feelings to yourself! That just makes them worse. Do you have any friends, teachers, doctor, anyone you trust? Tell them what you're going through and how it's affecting your life. Ask for recommendation to a good professional. If you have a hobby and like to paint, write, sing, play sports - go out of your way to spend your time doing what you like and expressing your emotions that way instead of hurting yourself physically or with thoughts. That helps. You can come here on Blah Therapy and join the chat as a venter too. Just don't give up - there are many options and life is that much sweeter once you've been able to overcome the pain you're currently in!
You are depressed. You need professional help. You will either seek this help or not. If you do not, then things will not improve. It is difficult to seek help when you are depressed, however, you are the only one who can do anything about this. You must find the strength and courage to help yourself or you will continue to feel this way.