Ladies, isn’t it better when a man puts himself together?


There’s nothing hotter, and I mean Nothing Hotter than a man who knows how to dress. Not only that, but also a man who knows how to do something with his hair. He doesn’t have to be a fashion freak, just enough to make you wanna go ‘Damn…’

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As a man, I can understand not dressing like a slob. But that doesn't mean we're here to "dress to impress". In fact, I'd much rather wear my normal "skater" out fit (my favorite jeans, a sarcastic t-shirt, my long hair sticking out of a beanie and some comfy sneakers) than try to impress anyone. It's more about how comfortable I am, and less what you think about what I'm wearing. You feel me? You should go for the personal comfort of your favorite jeans over that nice outfit you think someone else will like. Because then it's not you anymore, is it? It's what others want you to be.
Clothes and hairstyle are important contributors when deciding who I find attractive.
I'm a guy and I agree. I dislike looking unkempt or like I just rolled out of bed. Minus being sweaty at the gym or moving all day, I tend to want to look nice wherever I go. Not that it's a need per-say, but a desire to look and feel nice altogether.
Not necessarily. I don't want to be with a guy who takes longer than me to get ready. And, I've seen enough men in Armani suits to know that a well tailored suit doesn't automatically ooze sexy. Confidence is what makes those looks. Do most men feel better when they look good? Sure. But, you can get a guy who's equally confident in sweats as he is in a suit.

That being said... get a hair cut, keep your facial hair trimmed (I'm not saying no beard - I'm saying keep it neat), and for heavens sake pull up your pants. If I want to see your underwear I'll invite you to my place.