I’m aware that the following will seem stupid, but i need to get this off my chest and i can’t tell anyone i know! A site like this is perfect for embarassing questions, so don’t hate please :)

I’m a guy, 17 years old, last week i had the oppertunity to make out with a good friend of mine, twice, i never kissed someone before and i pussied out twice, i kinda have a fear of failure when it comes to that…

Since the person I’ll kissing is just a friend (yes im sure of this) things can get a little more awkward than if you’d kiss with your partner, since your partner can understand better if you ”fuck up the kiss” and then explain, hope you kinda understand? :s :)

Does anyone have advice? I feel the longer i wait to do it the harder and more awkward it will be for me…

PS telling her that i never kissed before is not an option :/

asked June 6, 2014

9 Answers

If she's your friend, why is telling her you haven't kissed before not an option? I suggest you try to reconsider that- if she's a friend you may be able to confide in her about your insecurity and even get her to practice with you so you can begin to feel more confident and don't pussy out in the future when you have a shot at kissing with a potential partner. It is very common that young men feel insecure and think that much is expected of them, but boys are human too and there's a first time for everyone. If you think hard you may find that being 17 and never having kissed before is not as much of a nightmare as you think- and I bet there's a lot of other boys your age and even older who have never kissed- it really is a normal thing.
There are videos on YouTube by howcast which do a wide range if how to kiss scenarios. I have a friend who too was super nervous about kissing someone and screwing it up, so I showed here howcast videos on how to kiss, and they help her so much with her confidence but also technic.I hope they helpLink
You're sabotaging yourself by building it up so high in your mind. If you hype your first kiss so highly that you psych yourself out of it, you'll never work through it.

First things first: kissing is about relaxing. So you're already doing it wrong. Calm the fuck down and relax. I know it is exciting because kissing is awesome, and making out is mind-blowing, but it is a learning experience. You aren't just planting your lips to another set of lips, that is another human being; you have to take your time and learn how you like to kiss, and for that matter you have to pay attention to your partner and listen to their body language and see how they like to kiss as well.

Don't worry about telling her it is your first kiss, she'll be flattered! Don't try to hold some "macho" or "guy" persona and just be honest with her. She's a friend and she's perfectly willing to help you with your first kiss, so the very least you can do is be honest with her!

You cannot realistically expect to go into your FIRST KISS like a champion, you are learning. Nobody expects a Kindergartener to do College-level math just because they learned to put two numbers together, and you're not expected to give a mind-blowing makeout session your first go-around.

Take your time, RELAX, making out is supposed to take a long time and it is definitely one of the perks to intimacy. Few things take the edge off of stress like a good makeout session. So you have a lot of fun to look forward to. Don't push things too fast, pay attention to her and how she reacts, don't PANIC, and think before you act.

Slow down, pay attention and don't stress yourself and you will have HOURS of fun.
Well, I learned in 2005 that the best way to prepare to kiss someone for the first time is if you practiced on a pillow or a stuffed animal. Then you have to get over your fear and your nerves about kissing someone for the first time.Do something you love to do to take your mind off of it, then when the time comes to kiss your friend again, do what came naturally to you when you made out with your pillow or stuffed animal, only with your friend.Good luck and I hope I gave you the best advice.
Kissing comes as naturally as breathing once those little hormones get kicking. Don't get chicken.
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