Kind of heart broken


Yeah. This is about my crush. Feel free to leave if you want to, but i need help.

I’m a very straight-forward type of girl. I haf just walked up to my crush and told him right there and then, that i like him. He didn’t respond, and i got scared. He is actually my best friend, but i don’t know if telling him ruined our friendship. My friend asked if he liked me, and he plainly saidno. Didn’t smile or look disgusted. He was literally poker-faced. I’m a little heart-broken, but i still won’t give up…… But so far, he only sees me as a friend :( !

Category: Tags: asked October 15, 2013

2 Answers

my advice...dont push it too much to him...he may come around. just dont be awkward around him. keep being buddies for now. its good that you tried. AND dont let the fact that you like him keep you from liking anyone else. go ahead and be free with that. he may come around, and he may not. dont get too hung up on him though. :)
Agreed, don't push him on the subject and feel free to go out with others. But you do need to clear the air with him and see where you stand and find out for yourself if he likes you or not. if he doesn't his loss! but you still have a friend.