Just need to talk.


It isn’t fair, it isn’t fair how I am still hopelessly in love with you and you find it so easy to walk away from me. It isn’t fair how you can so easily walk away from me and just treat me like shit. It wasn’t fair for you to treat me like I was special and to tell me that you loved me and then just forget me like I was nothing. Its not fair to once say all those loving words, to treat me like I was special, to say you would never leave, to promise you’d always be here and then just leave. I trusted you with everything I had, everything I know and am and you used that and you used me. I was just something there for you to come to you when you felt lonely and do you want to know what the most unfair thing is? I can’t move on and if you were to whistle, I would come running.

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4 Answers

You didn't need to "talk". you had to "let out", and it's good to! c:You might think, everyone (who are pretty amazing people ^^ )that has commented don't understand you. So i don't think you really will want to heed to what we've got to say. :CIt'll take some time to realize and let go, right now, you are holding on to hope...
Be strong sweetie, it'll be okay!
Time will heal everything dear one, you might think at this moment nothing is right and everything is wrong, but listen O! dear one, it will be what it is meant to be, maybe this is what you needed, separation might be bitter at the starting it is not as bad as it might appear to you it brings with it a lot of independence and stability of mind. Things will get better stay put.
There is nothing new under the sun..........take that with you where ever you go. Always try to find light in a situation. There are some who had it bad, some were left pregnant, some scared close to death, some in the middle of no where, literally. At least he left you just as he found you. So he took nothing from you really. You are one of the lucky ones. All you can do now is dust your self, get back up and show him what he is missing. No matter how he whistles, you will not hear it.