Just feeling empty…


It may seem a bit shallow or maybe even silly, but the guy I’ve liked for months now is moving away. I’m at university and he lived in the same dorm as me. We liked each other and had a great relationship. He was my first crush and my first kiss. We just got along so well… but it never got as far to say we were in a ‘relationship’. That just couldn’t happen with our crazy schedules. And yet I still liked him- a lot.
Now he’s leaving the school. He’s not coming back for second year because this school wasn’t right for him. And while I totally respect his decision (hell, I helped him make it), I just am so sad he’s leaving. He just left and- least to say- it was bittersweet. A kiss on the cheek, a ‘thanks for being amazing and for making this year amazing’ whispered in my ear and then- he’s gone now.
I just closed the door and started crying. And I don’t even really know why. I feel just empty- not cold or angry or depressed. I just don’t know what to do to stop the tears.
If you have any advice- can you help the tears stop?

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1 Answer

Are you gonna stay in touch with this guy? Cry it out and then try to stay in touch. If he means a lot to you then it'll be worth the effort. Just because you won't be living so close doesn't mean it's over. Trust me, I've been there. I hope it works out for you.